Churchill’s Artisan Breads
Old world rustic bread brought to your doorstep

Walt Churchill’s has brought the art back to artisan breads, combining all natural ingredients and unbleached organic flours to create iconic and expert crafted breads. Get away from the ultra-processed, artificial white bread and get back to basics, with our healthy, old world artisan bread direct from our baker’s hands to yours.

We make Toledo’s best artisan breads, fresh baked in-story every day by our bread making experts trained in the craft at the best bakery school in America. Using only the finest all natural ingredients and old world recipes for a delicious, Churchill’s bakers creates authentic and rustic bread that can’t be replicated by your sliced varieties.

Bread dough is alive and needs nurturing from start to finish, a process that can't be artificially rushed. Many of our breads take up to 3 days to make, waiting for the optimal moment to put it in the oven. We give every dough the time it needs to ferment properly rise naturally, in order to extract the full flavor from the grains, helping to give our bread its distinctive crust, texture, depth and character.

Our goal isn’t just to provide a superior product, but to take you back in time with a rustic and wholesome bread that’s delicious and healthier than store bought kinds. Fresh baked baguettes, crusty French boules, and rustic Italian Ciabatta and Focaccia, Walt Churchill’s Market hand crafts dozens of different artisan bread varieties every day. Stop in to either our Perrysburg or Maumee location to find out what fresh baked artisan breads are available today.