Walt Churchill’s Market and Beyond Basics
Teaming up to help you live a healthier life

Walt Churchill’s Market and Beyond Basic’s Health coaching have teamed up to provide our customers with a path towards a heathier lifestyle through cleaner, healthier eating habits. We understand that everyone wants to put their health first, but in a world of fast and processed foods, eating healthy can be one of the hardest things to change about your lifestyle.

Mary Pietras, featured on Channel 11’s healthy eating spots and in partnership with restaurants across Toledo, has made healthy eating simple for hundreds of people across Northwest Ohio. Her programs combine fresh flavors and healthy alternatives to some of your favorite foods. Eating health shouldn’t be a sacrifice, and Mary can help you eat better and feel better in the process. Take control over your health and your life by following Mary’s simple solutions found throughout Churchill’s locations.

As part of our kick-off campaign for the partnership, Mary will be hosting regular tours and cooking classes to interested shoppers. Please keep a look out on this site and on our email newsletters for more information. And be sure to Check out Mary’s site, http://beyondbasicshc.com, for information about her programs, personal training and cooking class opportunities throughout Toledo.