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Perrysburg Location: Friday, Sept 29th • 4 pm- 7 pm

Berman Wines Tasting

Come meet the new Berman representative Allison Cramer with some of her catalog favorites.

Maumee Location: Saturday, Sept 30th • 2 pm- 6 pm

Cotes du Rhone 2015 Vintage

The 2015 vintage from the Cotes du Rhone is one of the best vintages we have seen in quite some time and will be legendary in terms of a classic.

Perrysburg Location: Thursday, Oct 5th • 4 pm- 6 pm

Beer Tasting

Enjoy some small batch, seasonal, and or artfully made brews at this tasting. An opportunity to taste something that is not generally available.

Perrysburg Location: Friday Oct 6th • 4 pm- 7 pm

Off the Beaten Path Tasting

Lesser known grape varieties from the back roads of Italy or maybe the French country side are the guests of honor at this tasting.

Maumee Location: Saturday, Oct 7th • 2 pm- 6 pm

Hearty Wines For Fall

With the coming of fall, our palates long for wines that are richer with more body weight. Hearty wines in particular seem to taste better with the advent of cooler weather.

Perrysburg Location: Sunday Oct 8th • 1 pm- 3 pm

Special Event

Mimma Bonderer, owner of Solo Vino, will guest host Federico Zampicinini representative from Cantina di Verona/Veneto and Giacomo Fossatti owner of Uggiano /Tuscany.

Perrysburg Location: Friday, Oct 13th • 4 pm- 7 pm

Superstitious Tasting

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition, cast those superstitions aside and join us for Big Red Wine Tasting in honor of the pop-culture phenomenon.

Maumee Location: Saturday, Oct 14th • 2 pm- 6 pm

Everything French

Although there is a common misunderstanding that French wines are more expensive, we will attempt to put that myth to rest. Some of the best values are coming from France and we will take a tour of France to prove that fact.

Perrysburg Location: Thursday, Oct 19th • 4 pm- 6 pm

Beer Tasting

Oktoberfest inspired beers paired with some tasty cheeses picked by our WCM Cheese team.

Perrysburg Location: Friday, Oct 20th • 4 pm- 7 pm

End of the Wine Tasting

The picks for this tasting are at the end of their season, get these closeout wines at better prices to hang on to before the holidays.

Maumee Location: Saturday, Oct 21st • 2 pm- 6 pm

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most widely recognized red wine grape varieties. It is grown in nearly every wine producing country. Our selection will focus on Cabernet’s from around the world, and may include Cabernet Sauvignon-Blended wines.

Perrysburg Location: Friday, Oct 27th • 4 pm- 7 pm

Spooktacular Tasting

Holiday themed beer and wine tasting just in time for Halloween. See the dark and spooky selections we have in store for this trick or treat?

Maumee Location: Saturday, Oct 28th • 2 pm- 6 pm

Trick or Treat

This is one of our favorite tasting. We will disguise the labels of the wines and leave it up to you to decide which wine is which, thus “Trick or Treat.” Always full of surprises and hilariously funny. Let your imagination guide you through the flights with no right or wrong assumptions as to which wine is ‘WITCH!’

Perrysburg Location: November 4th at 3pm

The BIG CHEESE is coming!

Join us in the tradition! 2000 lb. holiday cheese cutting.