Locally Sourced

At Walt Churchill’s Markets we go to great lengths to sourcing foods from local producers and farmers whenever possible. We believe it is not only good business to support other local business but it is great for our customers. The benefits of locally sourced food are far reaching and include:

  • Reduced transportation
    Fresher foods and less environmental impact by reducing the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Direct connections between farmers and consumers
    Know your farmer, know your food
  • Food culture and diversity
    Local food can reconnect us with where our food comes from.
  • Freshness, flavor and variety
    Local produce is likely to be fresher, more flavorsome and more varied.
  • Improving local economies
    Money spent on locally produced foods, local farmers and locally owned shops stays in the community, cycling through to create jobs, raise incomes, and support farmers and, indirectly, other local businesses (the multiplier effect).