Now Available: Zingerman's Bakehouse every Friday and Saturday. New selections weekly! Place an order for available Zingerman's products by noon on Wednesday for Friday or Saturday pick up in our store!


Walt Churchill’s Market has partnered with Zingerman’s Bakehouse and you can order by calling the bakery dept!!! 

Artisanal Bakery

Walt Churchill’s Scratch Made Bakery combines old world baking techniques with all natural ingredients to produce the most delicious and authentically homemade baked goods in all of Toledo. Our master bakers start everything from scratch, utilizing only the finest ingredients to create masterful breads, homemade cookies, and incredible cakes all customized to your needs.

Artisanal Breads

The cornerstone of the WCM bakery is our handmade artisanal breads, which are made fresh, using handpicked ingredients and time-tested recipes, and prepared by master bakers at our stores. Our top bread bakers have advanced training in making fresh bread from scratch, learning the art of bread making in old world stone brick oven. Bringing this master craft back to our stores, Churchill’s offers fresh baked bread daily in both our Maumee and Perrysburg locations.

Baguettes, Challah, Rosemary, Rustic Italian an Multigrain are available daily at both stores.

Homemade Cookies

Maybe the most popular item in the entire store, WCM’s handmade cookies are exactly the way you remember grandma making them. Time tested recipes, all real, natural ingredients and a labor of love creates the perfect cookie every time, and our bakery is no exception. From classic chocolate chip to hand cut and frosted cut outs, we carry a wide variety of handmade cookies every day, and all our frosting is homemade as well. Stop in and pick up a dozen today, or call in a custom order for your next party or gathering.

Cakes and Cookie Cakes

Made to the same exacting specifications of all our homemade baked goods, all Walt Churchill’s cakes and cookie cakes can be customized to your needs. From homemade cream frosting to fresh fruit fillings and chocolate mousse, everything about these cakes is fresh, flavorful and homemade. In addition, we have master cake designers on staff, who can help you construct the perfect centerpiece for your next party, birthday or wedding. From custom combinations to elaborate, hand-frosted designs, WCM’s bakery is here to help make sure you have the perfect cake no matter what you’re celebrating.

To order a custom Hand Written Cake or Cookie Cakes , contact our Bakery Department.

Maumee: 419-794-4000
Perrysburg: 419-872-6900

Fresh Doughnuts

Every morning, our bakers start the day out by making our handmade doughnuts from scratch. From basic glazed and cake doughnuts, to chocolate or maple covered varieties, every doughnut we sell is handmade, hand fried, and hand glazed for pure perfection. Pick up a dozen on your way into the office, or grab one for yourself with a cup of our WCM signature coffee. There’s no better way to get your day started off right than with a homemade doughnut from Walt Churchill’s!

Specialty Pastries

In addition to our artisanal baked goods, we also offer a wide variety of specialty and single serve pastries, most made right here in store. Our goal is to bring you the freshest and best selection of gourmet pastries and desserts, crafted to our exacting specifications every day. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for 40, or a romantic evening for 2, Walt Churchill’s bakery has the perfect dessert to end the night on a high note. Stop in and survey our delicious array of fresh made pastries, chocolates, desserts, mousses and more!