At Walt Churchill’s Market we have a passion for good food, quality service and fine ingredients.

Don’t drive all over town looking for those hard to find items, rest assured you can find all the ingredients you need here. No where is this more apparent than in our grocery department, which is loaded with specialty foods in addition to the name brand products you’ve come to know. For over 90 years our customers have been exclaiming to us that “if you can’t find it at Walt Churchill’s Market, you won’t find it anywhere!” That quote is more accurate today than ever before, as we carry more specialty items now than in our store’s long history.

With the explosion of cooking channels and cooking magazines popularity, there has been more demand for fine and unique ingredients to use in the recipes they showcase. Gourmet spices, oils and herbs are becoming more popular, and the hunt for rare and season ingredients is part of the cooking experience. We have also brought in an extensive line of all natural and organic products available in grocery, frozen and the dairy departments for you to use in your next recipe. We understand that the first step in making a great meal is starting with excellent ingredients, and the staff and managers at Churchill’s have worked tirelessly to provide you the freshest, most flavorful and biggest variety of ingredients to choose from in Northwest Ohio.


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Where to Find Best Choice?

You will find more than 3,500 Best Choice items at over 2,400 stores in 24 states. Best Choice Products carry a 100% Quality Guarantee which assures satisfaction with every purchase.