Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest all week long AUG 1 – AUG 7TH

Coldwater Northern Lobster (Maine/Canada) cooked, ordered must be placed before 8/4/22

We will have available:
Coldwater Northern Lobster (Maine/Canada) LIVE OR COOKED 1.25lb Steamed for Free Order Deadline Thursday for Steamed Lobsters Pickup of Steamed Lobsters Saturday August 6th from 10am to 6 pm Live Lobsters can be purchased at anytime

Other items that will be available:
Lobster Bisque (Cold and/or Hot)
Grilled Lobster on the half shell (Recipe TBD) (Meals to go)
Lobster Mac N Cheese
Lobster Cheddar & Chive Scones

For more information please call your WCM location.

Maumee: 419-794-4000 | Perrysburg: 419-872-6900