The Freshest Seafood in Toledo

Walt Churchill’s Market offers a wide variety of fresh-caught seafood, including salmon, oysters, tuna, swordfish, and so much more.

Our seafood is delivered to us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, within 48 hours of being caught by the watermen of Foley’s Seafood, one of the leading suppliers of fresh seafood in the US.

The majority of Churchill’s fresh seafood is only 24 hours out of the water, fresh caught and shipped directly to Toledo from Foley’s fish in Boston, MA. We receive shipments of fresh seafood every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so you know what’s in our seafood case is always right out of the ocean. Churchill’s markets actually get their fish faster than some Boston seafood restaurants, and we pride ourselves in being able to offer a variety of fresh and locally sourced seafood to our customers year round. Since our seafood is right out of the coastal markets of Boston, we can offer daily and weekly specials, and seasonal options, all without compromising the quality of our seafood selection.

Positively Fresh Fish

From our supplier, Foley fish prides itself on being one of the nations most exacting fresh fish distributors in the country. Fillets are all hand cut by veteran, skilled employees, after being candled to detect and remove any substandard fish. Torn or ripped fillets are culled before packing. All Fish caught, packaged and shipped by Foley are considered all natural. No brines or phosphates are used during processing to add weight or false shine, and no additional sodium is added to the fish. The flavor, texture and integrity of the fish is never compromised, resulting in better tasting, fresh from the water seafood.

Churchill’s partnership with Foley fish is not just about quality and freshness either. Foley’s has long been an industry leader in responsible fishing practice and fishery management, and are committed to the sustainable practices promoted by the New England Fisheries Management Council. Churchill’s prides itself on partnering with responsible and conscientious businesses who share our concerns for both quality products and conservation of our natural environment. For more information about Foley’s commitment to sustainable seafood, please visit their website at

Stop by our Maumee or Perrysburg store to see what fresh catch of the day just came in from the ocean. Let our in-store chefs and seafood experts teach you how to prepare quality seafood dishes from any of our fine seafood selections. Experience the flavors and freshness of the ocean brought right to your local market.