Party Trays

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Party Trays

For your next party, celebration or event, choose from any of our fresh made party trays below. No matter the size of your event, Walt Churchill’s Market party platters are delicious and save you the time and hassle of preparing food yourself.  The quality and freshness you have come to expect and enjoy from Walt Churchill’s Markets goes into every party tray we create. Our staff carefully selects the freshest ingredients to ensure you and your guests enjoy every bite.

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Classic Vegetable Tray

Fruit Tray

Classic Fruit Tray

Meat and cheese tray

Meat-n-Cheese Tray

Meat n cheese nibbler

Meat n Cheese Nibbler

Meat Lovers Party Tray

Meat Lovers Party Tray

Variety Cheese Party Tray

Variety Cheese Tray

cheese and fruit tray

Cheese and Fruit Tray

relish Tray

Relish Tray

gourmet relish Tray

Gourmet Relish Tray

croissant tray

Croissant Tray


Pinwheel Party Tray

sliced cheese Tray

Sliced Cheese Tray

Mediterranean Tray

Mediterranean Tray

spinach dip tray

Spinach Dip Tray

Shrimp Cocktail Party Tray

Cocktail Shrimp Tray

Shrimp & King Crab Tray

Shrimp and King Crab Tray

Salmon Tray

Salmon Tray

1-2 Wrap Tray

1/2 Wrap Tray

Tenderloin Tray

Tenderloin Tray


Charcuterie Tray


2 ft. Italian Style Party Sub


Sushi Platter

FRuit Pizza

Fruit or Veggie Pizza

churchills classic cookie tray

Classic Cookie Tray

dessert tray

Dessert Tray

breakfast TRay

Breakfast Tray

dough drop

Dough Drop Tray

donut box

Donut Box

Order Information

All orders require 48 hours to process and assemble your party tray. Orders placed for less than 48 hours are subject to approval. A WCM representative will contact you after you place your order if your desired time frame cannot be accommodated. Please fill out all required information.

Looking For Something Else?

Walt Churchill’s Market also offers custom gift baskets. If you can’t find a basket that fits your needs, we can create one just for you. Simply contact your local store and we’ll be happy to help you put together a basket that’s sure to please.

Maumee: (419) 794-4000 | Perrysburg: (419) 872-6900

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